Understand Your Septic Tank & How It Works

The first step to understanding your septic system is to familiarize yourself with what you have. It is important to know that your system was designed specifically for your home taking into consideration, number of bedrooms (estimate of number of people), soil type and depth to water table or other confining layer. If you don’t already have your septic system drawing, you can contact your county permitting office to request a copy.

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How Much Does A Septic System Replacement Cost in Northern New Jersey

Understanding the basic function of a septic system, its components, and common signs of failures is important to evaluating and resolving damages from septic system failures. However, just because the system is experiencing issues does not mean that a full replacement is needed.  Your best bet is to contact the Septic Professionals at David Schaefer Septic Service who can assess your particular situation and make honest, professional recommendations for repair or replacement.

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